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We offer the following workshops and courses targeted at various individuals and organizations given their unique needs and challenges:

For Law Enforcement Personnel

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Online Sex Trafficking of Children: Online Victimization and Law Enforcement Response

For Parents & Legal Guardians

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Online Sex Trafficking of Children: What Parents and Guardians Should Know

For Technology & Cyber Professionals

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Addressing Online Child Sexual Exploitation as a Business Risk: A Guidance for the Technology Industry

Specialized trainings and educational presentations are available in person and virtually through Zoom or other preferred platforms such as Microsoft Teams.

Trainings and workshops addressing other topics related to human trafficking crimes are available upon request to suit the needs of specific audiences.

“Beatriz’s expertise and professionalism are exemplary! Indeed, this training was very helpful, as it supplemented my trafficking education. I gained new knowledge and skills on how the problem of child sex trafficking may happen in the digital world and learned of current tendencies and approaches to better address this complex challenge in the digital era. I highly recommended this training for all those working in this field or advocating somehow for online child safety.”

Mrs. Elba Suarez, LL.M.

Victim Advocate, Miami-Dade Police Department

“La capacitación brindada por la Dra. Uitts fue muy informativa y brindó herramientas útiles para desarrollar un enfoque estratégico para la aplicación de la ley. La Dra. Uitts es una experta reconocida a nivel internacional en la lucha contra la trata y el desarrollo de enfoques de protección para niños en el espacio digital. Una excelente presentación que fomentó el pensamiento crítico entre los participantes, incluidos funcionarios policiales, y que sin duda tendrá un impacto positivo en el fortalecimiento de marcos legislativos nacionales y prácticos para apoyar la lucha contra la esclavitud moderna.”

Coronel Ferney Vásquez Moreno,

Comandante de Seguridad Ciudadana, Bogota, Colombia

“Very educational and informative!” 

Mrs. Sharen Smith,

Victim Advocate, City of Miami Police Department

“This course is very informative and useful in application for victim advocates, police personnel; Healthcare/School.”

Training Attendee, 

City of Miami Police Department

“An excellent presentation on human trafficking awareness. Very distinct and simple language used to break down the crime, the situation, what it is and how to assist.”

Therese Homer, M.S.

Victim Advocate Services / Miami Police Department