Addressing Online Child Sexual Exploitation as a Business Risk: A Guidance for the Technology Industry

Using the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights as a framework for the respect of internationally recognized human rights in practice, this workshop training is designed to introduce the critical issue of online sex trafficking of children as a potential business risk that may be associated with business operations, business relationships, or spheres of influence. Thereby, the ultimate goal of this training is to help technology companies gain insight that helps them identify, address, and prevent potential adverse human rights impacts associated with child sexual exploitation in cyberspace. At the same time, this training course is uniquely designed to support technology companies’ efforts to take or intensify responsible action to mitigate those impacts effectively.

Training Objectives:

Cyber professionals and Internet technicians will enhance their knowledge and understanding of the following:

  • Key definitions associated with slavery, trafficking, and cybercrime against children in cyberspace
  • Potential risks associated with their business operations, value chains, and relationships
  • Child victims in cyberspace, risk factors, vulnerabilities, and the effects of victimization
  • Cyber traffickers and exploiters
  • Implications of online victimization in practice (investigation/digital evidence, assistance and support for victims)
  • Multi-stakeholder partnerships, collaboration and good business practice examples
  • Using the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights as a framework, the training will provide guidance on human rights risks and impact assessments, as well as due diligence processes to identify, prevent, and mitigate potential and current business-related human trafficking impacts. This will help companies to avoid being seen or perceived as an accomplice or beneficiary of the harm or abuse of others

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“Beatriz’s expertise and professionalism are exemplary! Indeed, this training was very helpful, as it supplemented my trafficking education. I gained new knowledge and skills on how the problem of child sex trafficking may happen in the digital world and learned of current tendencies and approaches to better address this complex challenge in the digital era. I highly recommended this training for all those working in this field or advocating somehow for online child safety.”

Ms. Elba Suarez

LL.M., Victim Advocate, Miami-Dade Police Department