Online Sex Trafficking of Children: What Parents and Guardians Should Know

As children and youths are more exposed to and increasingly becoming users themselves of modern technology, protecting them from harm online has emerged as a difficult challenge. In light of this, this course works as a guide for parents and guardians to equip them with the knowledge and resources necessary to better understand the connection between sexual exploitation and online platforms and to help them respond appropriately to suspicious online activities involving children. 

The danger is close to home, and for many child victims, it is extremely difficult to notice the activities that expose them to sexual exploitation. Parents play a key role in the protection of children online. Therefore, this training is designed to boost parental anti-trafficking education by providing parents with all they should know to better protect their children from cyber risks related to exploitation and abuse.

Training Objectives:

Train parents and guardians to identify:

  • Suspicious trafficking activities involving children on digital platforms
  • Child victims in cyberspace, potential vulnerabilities, risk factors, and the effects of online victimization
  • The broad umbrella of online child sex trafficking offenders
  • Prevention measures

You will also enhance your knowledge of collaborative public-private efforts, resources and report mechanisms.

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“Beatriz’s expertise and professionalism are exemplary! Indeed, this training was very helpful, as it supplemented my trafficking education. I gained new knowledge and skills on how the problem of child sex trafficking may happen in the digital world and learned of current tendencies and approaches to better address this complex challenge in the digital era. I highly recommended this training for all those working in this field or advocating somehow for online child safety.”

Ms. Elba Suarez

LL.M., Victim Advocate, Miami-Dade Police Department