Online Sex Trafficking of Children: Online Victimization and Law Enforcement Response

Every day, online offenses related to trafficking become more sophisticated, making the detection and prosecution of these crimes more challenging. This training workshop is uniquely designed to train law enforcement officers to enhance their knowledge and skills to effectively identify and investigate child sexual exploitation cases in cyberspace. This training workshop has the ultimate goal of increasing law enforcement response capacity to tackle this complex international problem while generating a more effective global response.

Training Objectives:

  • Improve skills that allow for the recognition of potential online victims and suspicious trafficking activities online
  • Increase knowledge in key investigative areas, such as image analysis, profiling offenders, digital evidence, and cooperation across jurisdictions and borders
  • Enhance cybercrime prevention efforts, victim assistance, and legal responses by strengthening a holistic multi-stakeholder approach involving further awareness-raising and the integration of cybercrime strategies.

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“Beatriz’s expertise and professionalism are exemplary! Indeed, this training was very helpful, as it supplemented my trafficking education. I gained new knowledge and skills on how the problem of child sex trafficking may happen in the digital world and learned of current tendencies and approaches to better address this complex challenge in the digital era. I highly recommended this training for all those working in this field or advocating somehow for online child safety.”

Ms. Elba Suarez

LL.M., Victim Advocate, Miami-Dade Police Department