Online Sex Trafficking of Children: What Investigators, Advocates, and Social Workers Should Know

As traffickers and exploiters misuse the Internet to groom, recruit, advertise, and sell children, the challenges related to putting an end to trafficking in persons are becoming more complex and going beyond the sphere of the real world. Thus, as traffickers become more sophisticated, so must our response. This training aims to equip investigators and advocates with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively address this evolving problem. More specifically, this training aims to enhance investigators’ and advocates’ understanding of these issues to identify, investigate, and care for online victims. In addition, it discusses collaboration among sectors and the best practices for tackling these issues. All in all, the training serves as a guide to enhance responses that address this child welfare issue in cyberspace while promoting the protection of children in the digital world. 

Training Objectives:

Investigators and advocates will enhance their anti-trafficking knowledge and skills of the following:

  • Cyber-related child sex trafficking offenses and the business models behind them
  • Profiles of victims and the effects of online victimization
  • Cybercriminals
  • Cybercriminal evidence and victim assistance
  • Public-private partnerships, best practices to follow, and current responses

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“Beatriz’s expertise and professionalism are exemplary! Indeed, this training was very helpful, as it supplemented my trafficking education. I gained new knowledge and skills on how the problem of child sex trafficking may happen in the digital world and learned of current tendencies and approaches to better address this complex challenge in the digital era. I highly recommended this training for all those working in this field or advocating somehow for online child safety.”

Ms. Elba Suarez

LL.M., Victim Advocate, Miami-Dade Police Department