Welcome to Human Trafficking Front!

The global phenomenon of human trafficking is a violation of human rights and an affront to the human dignity of persons.

Although substantial progress has been made at international and national levels to eradicate this criminal offense—which demonstrates the hard work, commitment, dedication, and collaborative efforts of many States, United Nations agencies, organizations, industries, and persons—still, more must be done. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution that will eliminate the global phenomenon of trafficking in persons.

Rather, effective responses are those that deal with criminal law enforcement and engage a variety of stakeholders to address the root causes and vulnerabilities that may enable abuses that lead to exploitation in the diverse environments where it might occur. 

Conscious of the unique challenges of this crime regarding its prevention, the protection of victims, and the prosecution and punishment of offenders, Human Trafficking Front was created to join efforts with States, relevant stakeholders, and civil society to educate and build capacity towards a stronger anti-trafficking response.

Trafficking in persons is not a static crime; rather, it is a dynamic and growing problem that is in much need of awareness and of the strengthening of current solutions.

Against this backdrop, Human Trafficking Front seeks the ultimate goal of building capacity and expertise for first responders, criminal justice professionals, practitioners, the private sector, and community members for the advancement of prevention efforts and the effective combat against modern-day slavery. 

Under a comprehensive human rights approach focused on victim protection, the Human Trafficking Front’s initiatives promote further awareness raising, public-private partnerships, and the integration of strategies towards the effective implementation of legislative and other programmatic measures, as well as plans to overcome the challenge of reducing contemporary forms of slavery.

Therefore, by targeting the specific needs of audiences and industries, our compact education and programs are uniquely designed to equip participants to take and intensify anti-trafficking related actions. 

As an advocate and defender of online child safety myself, I have been actively involved in the fight against trafficking in persons, including its Internet facilitation, through research, study, prevention efforts, and advocacy services to victims and to those who are vulnerable.

It is a delight for me to lead Human Trafficking Front and to work directly with governments, sustainable companies, community organizations, and partners from all sectors with the primary aim of tackling major impediments to successfully mitigating exploitation crimes, strengthening justice systems, and ensuring appropriate responses, while at the same time, contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on schedule for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Main SDGs Targets related to the goals of the Center are to eliminate every form of violence against all women and girls in both the public and private spheres, including trafficking, sexual, and other types of exploitation (SDG 5.2), eliminating all harmful practices, such as child, early, and forced marriages and female genital mutilation (SDG 5.3), and ending the abuse, exploitation, and trafficking of children (SDG 16.2).

My constant desire to serve those who are vulnerable—women and children, in particular—led me to become an attorney who specialized in Labor Law in Colombia and who pursued my human rights career in the United States.

This background has allowed me to serve at universities, nonprofits, and at government and private sector agencies by promoting the defense of rights, good business practices, coordination, and victim assistance. 

Everybody plays a role in the immense challenge to put an end to modern slavery.

Hence, we invite you all to defend the inalienable rights of every person and work in the common interest for a safer and more secure world and cyber platforms for our children and generations to come.

I look forward to working together to reduce vulnerabilities and inequalities, increase resilience, and enhance effective ways of preventing and combatting this serious crime while promoting democracy, justice, human rights, and freedom everywhere!


Dr. Beatriz Susana Uitts

Founder and Director

Human Trafficking Front