Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Under a human rights-based and victim-centered approach, Human Trafficking Front assists first responders, relevant professionals, advocates and community members to advance understanding of human trafficking and online child sexual exploitation and improve the response to prevent and address these crimes.

We are dedicated to raising awareness, building capacity, and disseminating best practices tools to more effectively identify and protect victims, investigate and prosecute incidents, as well as equip the public to recognize signs and report instances of trafficking and online crimes against children for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Through these efforts, Human Trafficking Front strengthens coordination, promotes public-private partnerships, and encourages the integration of strategies to more effectively implement legislative and other programmatic measures to end human trafficking and child exploitation.

In this way, we use our expertise to provide:


Human Trafficking Front recognizes the need for reliable research in human trafficking and related crimes and therefore creates articles and offers critical research support in the field, including the role of the internet in committing or facilitating child sex trafficking. Through this approach, Human Trafficking Front aims to strengthen efforts dealing with the root causes, prevention, protection of victims, and policy responses.

Prevention Programs

Specialized training courses and educational programs

We equip professionals strategically and practically to aid in preventing, detecting, and responding to human trafficking and online child sexual exploitation. Through the delivery of specialized training courses and educational programs tailored to the needs of participants and industries, participants strengthen their skills, engagement, and response capacity.

Strategic Consultation and Technical Assistance 

Human Trafficking Front offers strategic consultation and technical assistance on policy issues and other regulations to increase coordination, enhance prevention efforts, and provide protection to victims and vulnerable groups. These services aim to more effectively combat trafficking in persons and cybercrimes against children related to exploitation and facilitate international cooperation. They focus on supporting efforts from government entities, sustainable companies, and professionals to address modern slavery issues.


Human Trafficking Front develops campaigns to raise awareness of human trafficking and child exploitation in cyberspace. Advocacy campaigns are designed to disseminate victim-centered and evidence-based tools and resources. The campaigns aim to increase the identification and reporting of cases of human trafficking and online child exploitation and protection of victims. Some target goals of the campaigns include:

  • Raising awareness of forms of trafficking in persons and child sex trafficking offenses committed online
  • Helping restore the lives of victims, including online child victims
  • Helping develop early intervention strategies to prevent and reduce victimization
  • Increasing information sharing
  • Strengthening coordinated responses to human trafficking and online child sexual exploitation


Human Trafficking Front provides tools to support government efforts and professionals in developing competencies and improving their advocacy skills to influence policy responses based on the latest research and evidence-based approaches.

We advocate for trauma-informed and victim-centered responses that ensure the effective investigation and prosecution of traffickers and exploiters and the identification and protection of victims of human trafficking and online child sexual exploitation. 

Human Trafficking Front inspires the adoption of effective and targeted legislative and policy measures, in alignment with international laws and standards, as they relate to preventing, identifying, and responding to human trafficking and related exploitation. 

We promote more effective implementation of national laws and policies that adopt the best interests of the child as a primary consideration to enhance the protection of children -any person up to the age of 18- from the sale and sexual exploitation in both the online and offline worlds.