At The Forefront Of Education, Training, And Advocacy To Prevent Human Trafficking


I'm Dr. Beatriz Susana Uitts

I founded Human Trafficking Front to be a research and advocacy organization dedicated to the study and prevention of human trafficking and modern slavery through education, research, and capacity-building programs.

Through these efforts, we will empower communities, businesses, and governments to promote justice and positive social change.

Our Vision: A world free of human trafficking, forced labor, and modern slavery, where the human dignity and fundamental rights of every person are respected and protected.

Our Mission: We are committed to: 

  1. Advancing knowledge and responses towards ending abuse, exploitation, and trafficking, particularly that of women and children.
  2. Collaborating with governments, the business community, civil society organizations, and key stakeholders to strengthen a multi-faceted response that effectively prevents and addresses forms of human trafficking and modern slavery.
  3. Supporting concerted efforts to protect trafficking victims, their families, and children who have been abused and exploited via the Internet and mobile technologies.
Dr. Beatriz Susana Uitts

Our Support Network

Since 2020, Human Trafficking Front has been incredibly fortunate to have the support of the following contributors and allies.

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