At The Forefront Of Research and Advocacy To Prevent Human Trafficking


I'm  Dr. Beatriz Susana Uitts

I founded Human Trafficking Front to be a research and advocacy organization dedicated to the study and prevention of human trafficking and modern slavery through education, research, and capacity-building programs.

Through these efforts, we will empower communities, businesses, and governments to promote positive impact and social change.

Our Vision: A world free of human trafficking, forced labor, and modern slavery, where the human dignity and fundamental rights of every person are respected and protected.

Our Mission: We are committed to:

  • Advancing knowledge and responses towards ending abuse, exploitation, and trafficking, particularly that of women and children.
  • Collaborating with governments, the business community, civil society organizations, and key stakeholders to strengthen a multi-faceted response that effectively prevents and addresses forms of modern slavery.
  • Supporting concerted efforts to protect trafficking victims, their families, and children who have been abused and exploited via the Internet and mobile technologies.
Dr. Beatriz Susana Uitts